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We need your support...

We do not have premium hosting anymore. We rely on your donations to live. To encourage donations, we came along with an idea... Wh not selling pens? The prize will depend on were you live, and will include shipping. We don't charge any handling or packaging fee.. It's a donation to help your community =)

Another way to help us is to request to fill up our survey. It is not an electronic survey, but a mailed one. If you qualify, we will mail you a survey, and you need to fill it up and send it back to us, in the prepaid envelope. Yes! You don't have to pay anything for the shipping! What's great, once we recieve your survey back, we will send you a pen, FREE! No pen charge, no shipping charge! This option has a limited amount of pens, so if you are interrested, you are rushed to request your survey as soon as possible!


order forms

If you wish to buy a pen or request a survey, please send an email to or click on the email to open your default mail client and send us your email.

If you request a pen, put in the subect: Pen Donation Purchase request... and, If you want to fill our survey,the subject is : Survey request.

Limited supplies, and prices

As you probably know, shipping costs depend on your location. In order to get a shipping estimate and the real cost, please send us an email, provide your ZIP code or your Postal Code, and we will give youthe real shipping cost. Below are some estimates, may vary on your state / province. Paypal will also eat a percentage of the donation you make..

If you live in Canada

Pen = $21.00 ($12.00 Shipping) (4 pens remaining!)
Survey = Free (3 pens for survey remaining!)

If you live in USA

Pen = $17.00 ($8.00 shipping) (4 pens remaining!)
Shipping = Free (3 pens for survey remaining!)


Pen = Please contact us with your post code for an estimate.
Survey = Free*

* You may be charged $5.00 for pen shipping (if you want one) compensation if you live in that area, since internationnal shipping is expensive.




 Last updated: Monday, October 18, 2010


Our Team

  • Owner and host:
    - Cruel dog / a Mackerel Tabby
  • Co-owner:
    - allejo
  • Head admins:
    - ahs3
    - Ghost.
    - temporal distraction
    - Glue
  • Support Operators:
    - yamar

Our server

We run on a VPS.

Intel Xeon 8 Core CPU
512MB RAM + 512 MB Swap
Ubuntu Linux 10.04
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